Building a Relationship With Your HVAC Company

Baggett Heating and Cooling says there are several reasons why having an established relationship with your HVAC company is good for your system and peace of mind. Prevent costly repairs   Save money on energy bills Priority service   Peace of mind   Baggett Heating and Cooling would like to build a relationship with all…More

Why Your Rental Property Needs HVAC Maintenance

Baggett Heating and Cooling explains why having a maintenance plan for your rental property’s HVAC unit is important  If you own a residential rental property, having income from a rental can be a little extra every year but can also be like running a full-fledged small business. In either case, it can be a lot…More

Getting a Quality Estimate Means Questions

Baggett Heating & Cooling wants to give you some questions to ask when getting an estimate for repair or replacement Getting a repair or even a replacement could be a significant investment. That’s why you need to ask the right questions to get a reliable quote. Start by asking your friends and neighbors for referrals…More

Why Choose A Local HVAC Company?

There is a reason why people choose a local company when problems arise. Baggett Heating & Cooling wants you to know why. Since there are a lot of HVAC companies out there, choosing the right one might be a challenge. There are several things to consider but most importantly is their level of experience. Experience…More

Uh Oh! A/C On The Fritz?

If things don’t feel right on the inside, Baggett Heating and Cooling says, check the outside and look for these 3 possible reasons. Refrigerant: Your unit might be suffering from low or leaking refrigerant. Call Baggett Heating and Cooling to have a trained technician recharge the system and repair leaks. If it’s leaking, just adding…More

Where should the thermostat be set in the summer?

When the invention of central air become available to even modest homes, the next step was to decide how to take advantage of that new comfort without breaking the bank. Here’s a few facts you can use, depending on which side of the thermostat setting you stand. Try setting your thermostat at 78 when you…More

Help! My AC Unit is Freezing Up.

I hope you are enjoying the heat of summer and all the outdoor activities that come along with it. We’ve come to rely on the comfort of our homes when we are done with all that playing, and just want to relax in the the cool environment of our home. We know it may not…More

How Important is an AC Tuneup to Combat Allergies?

Our home is our sanctuary. We should feel safe there. When we return to our homes after a hard day’s work, kick off our shoes, and stretch out on the couch, relaxation is all we have on our mind. Those are things that we take for granted every day. But what if we start sneezing…More

Spring is Coming! Let’s go outside and check our A/C

Spring is finally here, and that means hot sunny days are not far behind. Now is the time to start planning some spring cleaning on our cooling system. While only a professional can check the coolant levels, there are things that you can do yourself to save a few dollars. Wear appropriate clothing for the…More

It’s Never Too Early to Schedule Your Cooling System Tune Up

Ahhh, spring has arrived, and all the home maintenance chores that come along with it. Luckily, a cooling system tune up can be easily scheduled and give you peace of mind for the hot summer days ahead. Why Schedule a Cooling System Tune Up Early? The early bird gets the worm, and scheduling a tuneup…More