Where should the thermostat be set in the summer?

When the invention of central air become available to even modest homes, the next step was to decide how to take advantage of that new comfort without breaking the bank. Here’s a few facts you can use, depending on which side of the thermostat setting you stand.

Try setting your thermostat at 78 when you are home, and see if it provides a suitable comfort for your family. If you feel it is just not cool enough, try lowering it only 1 degree at a time. Remember every degree you lower is coming out of your pocket.

A comfortable sleeping temperature is usually lower than daytime. In general, a sleeping temperature of between 60 and 67 is the optimal sleeping temperature. Our body temperature decreases when we sleep, so a lower temperature in the room actually facilities this. Of course that may not be affordable for many families.

So if 78 is just too warm and 67 is too costly, try to lower it at night the best you can. At least by setting your thermostat 10 degrees higher when you are not going to be home, it will help offset the extra cost.


Programmable thermostats have come along way since they first came on the scene. Why we can even adjust the temperature while we are sitting on the beach!

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A/C Maintenance

When saving energy is the goal, proper air conditioning maintenance is a must. Simply changing the filter on a regular basis can help your system work as efficient as possible. If you feel that your system is working harder this year than ever before, here’s a few things to check at “Common Reasons why your AC isn’t cooling properly”.

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