Why You Should Clean Your Vents

Here are a few tips on why you should be keeping your air ducts clean from Baggett Heating and Cooling. All households have normal accumulations of dust and dirt in the air ducts but there are several other factors that increase the need for regular HVAC system cleaning: Pets People with allergies or asthma Cigarette…More

How Important is an AC Tuneup to Combat Allergies?

Our home is our sanctuary. We should feel safe there. When we return to our homes after a hard day’s work, kick off our shoes, and stretch out on the couch, relaxation is all we have on our mind. Those are things that we take for granted every day. But what if we start sneezing…More

Breathe Easy Air Quality System is the Perfect Gift for Your Home

No matter the type or size, our home is our castle. It protects us from the outdoors and shields us from the weather. The quality of air in our homes is just as important. Adding a Breathe Easy System to your home can be the perfect gift for you and your family this holiday season….More

Spring Allergies and the Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Spring is upon us and as we open up our windows to allow in the refreshing spring air, we are also giving entrance to all of the pollen and allergens that come with it. Springtime can be a nightmare for those who struggle to fight off spring allergies. But, closing up our homes is not…More

How Important is the Indoor Air Quality of your Clarksville Home during the Winter?

It’s already been a long cold winter. Most of us are staying inside our homes as much as possible to stay warm. We’re sure you have made a special effort to keep the cold air out and allow your home to be as energy efficient as possible. You’ve done a good job keeping out that…More

Breathe Easy this Holiday with the Perfect Gift for the Family

Looking for the perfect gift for the whole family this holiday season? Look no further!  What about a Breathe Easy System to improve the indoor air quality of your Clarksville, TN home? When you consider how much time we each spend in our homes, shouldn’t the air we breathe be as clean and fresh as…More

How to Reduce Indoor Humidity Levels During Summer in Clarksville, TN

Summers here in Clarksville, TN are known for being humid and muggy, which only make the heat feel hotter than it actually is. This presents a sticky situation, both in terms of feeling uncomfortable and the indoor air quality of your home. Excess moisture in the air is not only taxing on your home’s air…More

Enjoy Relief From Spring Allergies in Clarksville, TN With HVAC Maintenance

Spring weather brings a much needed respite from the cold of winter but it also brings an influx of pollen and other allergens that can make allergy sufferers sick. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAA!), allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S., with more than…More

IAQ: Facts You should Know

If someone says the word ‘pollution,’ chances are you automatically think of things such as factories producing endless clouds of black smoke, car exhaust fumes, dirty rivers and other outdoor elements. However, there are few who think that their own home, or other buildings, that are frequently used could be massive producers of indoor air…More