Help! My AC Unit is Freezing Up.

I hope you are enjoying the heat of summer and all the outdoor activities that come along with it. We’ve come to rely on the comfort of our homes when we are done with all that playing, and just want to relax in the the cool environment of our home.

We know it may not make sense in all this heat, but your AC unit can actually freeze up if it is not operating correctly. Here are a few causes and remedies you can try before calling in the professional.

Examine your outdoor unit closely. It is responsible for your family’s cooling comfort in your home. Remove any growth around the unit that could be interfering with both your inspection and its operation.

Now check the condenser coil. You may not have a direct line of sight to it. You may need to look through the side vents or the fan opening. Next, there are coolant lines that run between the condenser unit and your home. These lines make it possible for the air to be cooled and carried through the ducts.

If you see any frost or ice, immediately shut the unit down before it causes damage to your system. Allow the system to melt on its own, that will then allow you to do a bit of troubleshooting.

The most common reason you’re AC unit is freezing up and/or not operating correctly is your air filter. It is surprising that such a simple thing as not changing your air filter can cause freezing and all around poor performance from the AC unit. Changing your filter every 30-60 days can go a long way to help to keep your system running efficiently, as well as keeping many air pollutants from entering our home.

Another cause can sometimes be if the overnight temperature drops below 60F, a freeze-up could occur. When the weather calls for lower temperatures at night, try not to run the AC.

If you are confident that the air filter is not a likely culprit for airflow being the cause of freezing problems and overnight temperatures have remained stable, then it may be time to call a professional.

We can come out and do a complete assessment of the problem, and recommend the most efficient way to remedy the situation, and return your home to it’s correct comfort level.

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