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HVACR Woman of the Award 2012

Alana O. Ward, Owner is the proud winner of the 2012 Industry Woman of the Year award.

Locally Owned & Operated Serving Clarksville, TN

For over 40 years Baggett Heating & Cooling has been providing high quality residential heating and air conditioning maintenance, service and replacement systems to the Clarksville/Montgomery County area. We are proud to have served thousands of homeowners in Clarksville, TN over these years.

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Alana Ward

Maintenance Plan

One of the most effective methods to keep your system working properly is to schedule routine maintenance every 6 months with Baggett Heating & Cooling. Our technicians will check all the components of the unit, cleaning coils, and drains to ensure blockage-free passage for fluids and air. This process is designed to keep your system running at optimal levels and can often predict and prevent breakdowns in between tune ups.

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"Very good job. Explained some things I didn't realize that I could do.They were punctual, professional and thorough. I appreciate this company."

-- Robert T. (Feb 2024)

"Very courteous and friendly explains details throughly."

-- Maxine D. (Feb 2024)

"Local HVAC company provides outstanding service and quality products. All representatives and technicians are professional yet friendly and accommodating. Awesome company 😃"

-- Geary (Jan 2024)

"Amazing service. Every time either on the phone or in person, nothing but top tier professionalism. Had a unit put in and they did check ups and ensured we knew...Read More »"

-- Ashton C. (Jan 2024)

"Great guy, very knowledgeable - knew his stuff inside and out. Easy yes if you're looking for a recommendation for HVAC"

-- Scott J. (Dec 2023)

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