Clarksville, TN Duct Work

Duct systems are often out of sight and out of mind and overlooked. Yet, they have the ability to impact the overall heating and cooling efficiency in your home.

The EPA reports that up to 30% of the energy we purchase is lost (wasted) through holes in leaky ductwork. But leaks are just one problem we find with duct systems in Clarksville homes. 

Common issues are:
  • Duct leakage – wasted conditioned air going out or hot, cold or humid air coming in
  • Duct sizing – ducts, especially return air ducts, are commonly undersized which chokes the output of the system
  • Poor duct design – ducts connectly poorly, placed incorrectly, supported improperly all add up to restricting air flow which causes discomfort, higher energy usage and stress on the system

We can thoroughly inspect your duct system and give you options for improving. We routinely recommend duct sealing and duct modifications during service calls and replacements.

Duct leakage is not only inefficient but causes poor indoor air quality issues as well. We recommend duct sealing and duct cleaning together many times so that you get the best benefit from the service provided.