Do Ductless Mini-Splits Get Mold?

Mold is a common concern in the HVAC industry, and it rightly should be. Exposure to mold can lead to health issues such as allergies, respiratory problems, and infections. While ductless mini-split systems are known for their energy efficiency, comfort, and versatility, they are not immune to mold growth. In this blog, we will discuss…More

How Do I Know if My Furnace Needs Cleaning?

As the heating season approaches, it is crucial to ensure that your furnace is functioning efficiently and effectively. Your furnace is an essential part of keeping your home warm and cozy during chilly evenings, especially in winter. Like all other forms of machinery, maintenance is critical for its longevity. Regular cleaning and upkeep of your…More

Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump

As seasons, temperatures and weather patterns change, it is important to ensure that your home remains comfortable all year round. One great way to achieve this is to replace your heat pump. Upgrading your existing unit to a new heat pump has many benefits, from improved comfort to energy savings. Learn more about the advantages…More