Building a Relationship With Your HVAC Company

Baggett Heating and Cooling says there are several reasons why having an established relationship with your HVAC company is good for your system and peace of mind.

Baggett Heating and Cooling employee with thermostat - Clarksville HVAC company

Prevent costly repairs

  • Having a relationship with a trusted HVAC company enables them to keep a keen eye out for your system’s performance. 
  • When your technicians are familiar with your equipment, they have a better opportunity to predict things which might go wrong and can likely keep minor repairs from becoming significant problems. (Mechanical systems do simply fail from time to time, but your odds are less with routinely maintained equipment)


Save money on energy bills

  • Keeping your HVAC system maintained properly can reduce your energy bills. When your system works properly, it doesn’t cost as much to run.
  • Keeping up with your system maintenance can also keep you from replacing your unit sooner than necessary.

Priority service

  • When Clarksville has bitter cold weather, as we experienced in late 2022, (or extremely hot weather like we experienced in Summer 2022) we were ready for emergency calls, but of course, our maintenance plan members were our first scheduling priority.


Peace of mind

  • The peace of mind comes when you know your system has been properly maintained. You can rest assured knowing you have done all you can to prevent an emergency situation.
  • Recognizing and getting to know our technicians.  When we are visiting your home on a routine basis, you will also establish rapport with our team.  And its always better to feel like you know the technician working in your home.


Baggett Heating and Cooling would like to build a relationship with all our customers. Baggett Heating & Cooling has proudly served the Clarksville & Montgomery County area for over 40 years. We specialize in residential heating and cooling repair and installation and are proud to be the Clarksville area’s on-call HVAC experts. Contact us by phone, text, or email.