Clarksville, TN Furnace Repair Services

Few things are worse than waking up in the middle of the night to a cold house and realizing your furnace has completely broken down. Not only does a broken furnace cause severe discomfort, but it can also lead to safety issues on below-freezing nights.

If you find yourself suffering in the cold, contact the HVAC experts at Baggett Heating & Cooling in Clarksville, TN. Our professional technicians offer fast, quality and reliable service on all of our HVAC appointments, including furnace repair. Whether your furnace has completely broken down or it’s showing signs it needs repair, contact Baggett Heating & Cooling. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to provide the peace of mind you deserve!

Common Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Most furnaces exhibit signs they need a repair. Identifying them early on can help prevent a more serious repair, or even premature replacement, down the road. If you notice any of the following issues, contact an HVAC technician to inspect the unit.

A Lack of Heat

If there’s little or no heat coming from the furnace, it’s obviously not doing its job. First, check the air filter to see if it’s dirty or clogged, and change it if necessary. Then, make sure the thermostat is set to “heat” mode. If those tips don’t work, contact Baggett Heating & Cooling. Issues that can lead to a lack of heat include a malfunctioning thermostat, a unit that’s too big or small for your home, air duct leaks, a lack of maintenance and inefficiencies due to old age and wear and tear.

Strange Noises

Aside from the gentle hum of your furnace running a cycle, they are relatively quiet. Any strange or loud noises should be inspected by a professional. Banging, rattling or whining noises can indicate a broken or loose part or issues with the heat exchanger, blower motor or other components.

High Energy Bills

If your monthly energy bills suddenly skyrocket with no corresponding weather event, your furnace may be malfunctioning. A malfunctioning furnace will cause the unit to run longer to properly heat your home, which can lead to increased wear and tear and higher energy bills.

Comfort Issues

If your heater is struggling to properly heat your entire home or causing other comfort issues, it may need a repair. Cold spots in certain rooms, uneven heating or a lack of heating altogether are signs your furnace isn’t operating properly.

Poor Air Quality

If your home’s indoor air quality worsens, your furnace could be the culprit. Improving air quality can be as easy as changing the air filter or something more serious such as a malfunctioning furnace that needs to be repaired or replaced.


Water pooling up under or near your furnace should be checked out immediately by a technician. Water leaks can eventually lead to mold which can damage your home and cause health issues. A common cause of water leaks is a clogged condensate drain or a leaky humidifier.

Yellow or Flickering Flame

If your furnace is old, it likely has a pilot light. If the light is yellow instead of blue or it’s flickering, your unit’s burner could be malfunctioning. This could be a serious issue, as improper combustion can lead to carbon monoxide.

Join Baggett’s Preferred Customer Maintenance Club

The easiest way to keep your furnace running efficiently all winter long and avoid untimely breakdowns is through regular maintenance service. We recommend furnace maintenance once per year. But maintenance later in the season is always better than no maintenance at all.

At Baggett Heating & Cooling, we understand our customers lead busy lives. That’s why we developed our Preferred Customer Maintenance Club. We have maintenance plans to choose from based on your needs and budget. A few of the many benefits you’ll receive from enrolling include:

  • Semi-annual system cleanings and tune ups; once each for your heating and cooling systems
  • Priority service
  • 15% discounts on repairs
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • No after-hours charges
  • And much more!

Contact Baggett for Furnace Repair Service in Clarksville, TN

At Baggett Heating & Cooling, we’re proud to call Clarksville, TN home, and we care about the safety and comfort of our customers. As a locally owned and operated company, we’ve serviced thousands of customers in the Clarksville-Montgomery County area over the past 40 years.

Our focus is on being the best HVAC company in the area, not the biggest. We go above and beyond expectations on every service call. If your furnace is struggling to keep your home warm and comfortable, contact us today. Our knowledgeable and professional HVAC technicians have years of experience repairing all makes and models of furnaces. We look forward to hearing from you!