How to Reduce Indoor Humidity Levels During Summer in Clarksville, TN

Summers here in Clarksville, TN are known for being humid and muggy, which only make the heat feel hotter than it actually is. This presents a sticky situation, both in terms of feeling uncomfortable and the indoor air quality of your home. Excess moisture in the air is not only taxing on your home’s air conditioning system, but it can also lead to several other problems including unwanted pests, mold or mildew colonies, and structural damage. Ideally, indoor humidity should be kept at 30% to 50% during the summer months.

Although there are many ways to reduce indoor humidity levels and improve air quality, regular HVAC maintenance is one of the most effective, especially during cooling season. You can always rely on Baggett Heating & Cooling’s highly rated HVAC maintenance services in Clarksville, TN to maintain or improve your home’s indoor air quality during the summer and all year round!

Here are a few ways to reduce your home’s indoor humidity levels in Clarksville, TN this summer.

DON’T turn your home into a tropical rainforest by keeping too many plants indoors. Although plants may purify the air, they also create excess moisture and mold can form on their potting soil. Keep plants outdoors when possible.

DO use your exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom whenever hot water is in use. Exhaust decrease humidity levels right at the source while preventing moist air from flowing into other areas of the house. Ensure your kitchen and bathroom are always properly ventilated.

DON’T put off repairing roof leaks and basement foundation cracks. These are open invitations for moisture — and all the problems it causes — to enter your home. You should also consider replacing any old windows and doors that don’t seal properly. Caulking and weather stripping also helps to keep moisture outside, where it belongs.

DO promote airflow in your home using ceiling fans that are set to rotate counter-clockwise during the summer. This helps to pull cool air up from the floor and circulate it around the room. Keep doors open to encourage airflow throughout the house.

DON’T hang clothes out to dry indoors. Drying even just a few towels or items indoors can increase a room’s humidity levels. The moisture escapes into the air where it will eventually find its way where it doesn’t belong and cause problems.

DO make regular HVAC maintenance a priority! Heating and cooling systems can remove some moisture from the air, but excess humidity can make it harder for them to run efficiently and can eventually lead to malfunctions. A well maintained HVAC system is your best defense against issues with indoor air quality and humidity!

At Baggett Heating & Cooling, our professional and experienced HVAC technicians have installed or replaced HVAC equipment in over 3,000 homes in Clarksville, TN! You can trust our AC maintenance services to keep your home cool and dry this summer.