What to Expect with Extreme Outdoor Temps

The dog days of summer typically bring some of the hottest days of the season. Baggett Heating and Cooling wants you to know what you should expect when the temps climb


Heat, humidity, and airflow have a lot to do with how your air conditioning unit works. Extreme outdoor temperatures can and will affect even the newest, most cared for HVAC systems because your unit may struggle to maintain the set temperature. When it’s extremely hot outside, your system could run all day while only maintaining the set point or could even lose temperature in the home.

Why does this happen?

The size

  • Air conditioners are sized based on climate averages.
  • However, installing a larger unit for your home is not a solution, as a larger system will not maximize its needed run time. 
    • That’s where Baggett comes in to help you determine which unit is suitable for your home.

The heat

  • An AC is a heat transfer system with two heat exchangers, which works with heat in two different environments.
    • First, it captures heat energy from the warm air inside the house and sends it to the outdoor condensing unit.
    • Second, it has to reject the heat energy to the hot outside air.
  • Heat comes into your home during the summer from the sun through windows and air through windows and doors.
  • Your AC unit has to work much harder to reject the heat, especially in extreme conditions.

The humidity

  • Excessive humidity levels mean your AC will work harder to get rid of the damp, clammy air.
  • You can tell if your unit doesn’t have the cooling capacity to handle it, as you’ll feel and see the results such as sweating, frizzy hair, and clammy skin.

The airflow

  • Your unit’s performance depends on the circulation of air throughout the system.
  • If circulation is blocked or interrupted, it can cause your air conditioning unit to work harder.
    • Some examples of causing your unit to be blocked or interrupted are
      • Being installed under a deck.
      • Landscaping – trim trees, shrubs, and flowers, so they don’t get too close.
      • It’s recommended that there should be at least one foot around the entire unit. 

What can you do to help your AC unit during extreme outdoor temps?

The temperature

  • You should keep your home temperature 20 degrees lower than the outdoor temp.
  • On extreme days, consider raising your indoor temperature a few degrees to give your system a rest.

Schedule routine maintenance

  • Scheduling your annual maintenance during peak summer months can give your unit the best chance to perform best.
  • Baggett recommends having regular maintenance performed on your HVAC system because it’s not only best for your equipment but also because it protects warranty coverage as well.
  • Learn more about routine maintenance and join Baggett’s Preferred Customer Maintenance Club.

Before calling Baggett, what are some ways you can check the unit yourself?

  1. Change the air filter
  2. Check to see if your unit is frozen
  3. Check the vents to see if anything is blocking them, such as debris or toys
  4. Shut off the circuit breaker for your outdoor unit and wash off any dirt, leaves, or bugs that may be blocking airflow.

If these steps did not work, don’t panic. Instead, call Baggett for all your air conditioner needs this summer.

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