Understanding the Difference Between HVAC Warranties

What’s the difference between a manufacturer’s warranty and an extended warranty? Baggett Heating and Cooling breaks it down for you 


Purchasing a new HVAC unit is a big financial investment. Baggett recommends reading all warranty documentation to understand what is covered and not covered, the length so you know when your coverage begins and ends, and how to obtain those warranties.

So what’s the difference between a manufacturer warranty and an extended warranty?

A manufacturer warranty is provided by the company that makes the actual HVAC equipment so the coverage will vary based on the brand. However, we find a 10-year warranty is most common. This warranty covers material defects (bad parts) and workmanship (incompetence on the assembly line) that appear under normal use and maintenance. Most manufacturers do require the equipment to be registered within 30 days in order to claim the entire 10 years, otherwise, it reverts to only 5 years of coverage.

What is not covered under a manufacturer warranty?

  • Diagnostic fees
  • Replacement air filters
  • Failures caused by lack of proper maintenance
  • Shipping costs for replacement parts
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty filing fees

An extended warranty is available through some manufacturer’s and/or a 3rd party company that pays for the installation of failed parts covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. 

However, this warranty can have many loopholes. Common reasons companies deny the claims are

  1. The system was improperly installed
  2. You, the homeowner, failed to maintain it as promised, or you don’t have the paperwork showing it was maintained every year

What is not covered under an extended warranty?

  • Maintenance
  • After hour calls and repairs
  • Shipping costs for replacement parts
  • “Nuisance” calls – there must be a failed part for the warranty to be activated
  • Warranty filing fees

The Baggett team always registers equipment on our customer’s behalf when you purchase a system from us. We will mail all of the documentation to you upon closing your installation file. We recommend performing regular maintenance on your HVAC system because it’s best for your equipment and protects warranty coverage. Learn more about routine maintenance and join Baggett’s Preferred Customer Maintenance Club.

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