How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Well, it may seem strange, but a heat pump can both heat and cool our homes. No matter what the temperature outside, enough heat can be found by a heat pump to “pump” it from the outside into our house. The same is true when it comes to cooling our homes. It removes the heat by “pumping” it to the outside.

Instead of changing energy into heat the way a furnace does, a heat pump moves heat away from our homes in the summer, and into our home from the outside in the winter. Thus a heat pump transfers heat to where it is most wanted.

A heat pump is more efficient than most furnaces, but tends to be more costly to operate because it runs on electricity. It can be a bit confusing when deciding if a heat pump or furnace is the right choice because of the many factors that have to be considered.

If you are considering updating your current hvac system, we would be happy to sit with you and discuss if a Heat Pump system will be cost effective for your home.

But remember, one way that a heat pump and furnace system are alike is that they both need maintenance. If you have not scheduled your annual heat pump tuneup yet, now is the time! Winter is coming, and you want your family’s comfort to be uninterrupted during the cold winter months.

Baggett Heating and Cooling is an expert at the maintenance and repair of Heat Pump systems in Clarksville. We can help you keep your system working to take care of the comfort of your family.