It’s Time to Be Thankful for Our Heating System

As winter approaches and we gather to spend time with our family and friends, we’d like to take a minute to thank our heating system for all the warmth and comfort it provides.

Can you imagine waking up on Thanksgiving morning to not only prepare the turkey for the oven, but to also raise the temperature in our homes to above freezing? While there are still homes that rely on less modern ways to provide warmth, most of us rely on our central heating system to maintain our family’s comfort.

Early history records suggest that the Roman empire were one of the first to boast a central heating system by moving hot air from a furnace through pipes in the walls and under the floors. The early Koreans used that same concept by moving heat from their cooking stoves.

The concept of a central heating system has seen many changes and improvements since then. From the inexpensive cast iron radiators in 1895 to the onset of electrical heating elements in 1919, the goal has always been the same. To create a central heating system that is both efficient and cost effective.

Paul Baggett established Baggett Heating & Cooling in 1974. And since that time, they have adopted that same goal for their company. Baggett Heating believes that you should be able to both rely on your heating system during the cold winter months, as well as be confident it is running as efficiently as possible.

Thankfully, when you arise to put that turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving day, you only need to be thinking about what degrees to set the oven on and how long it needs to cook. You won’t also need to worry about the temperature of your home during dinner.

Baggett Heating & Cooling would like to wish each and everyone a Happy, Healthy & Safe Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!