Why isn’t my furnace turning on?

It’s never too soon to make sure your furnace is going to turn on in Nashville, TN. If you’ve tried to turn your heating system on and nothing happened, you’ve probably starting to panic. Here’s a few things to check before reaching for the phone to call your local HVAC professional.

Circuit Breaker

Don’t think that even if your furnace is powered by gas, that electricity doesn’t also have a role in its operation. The heat may not be generated by electric, but there are many electrical components to a furnace that need electricity! Check to make sure that none of the circuit breakers controlling the furnace were tripped while you were enjoying the beautiful summer weather.


I think we all like the simplest and easiest answer to be the cause when troubleshooting. Our home thermostats have become electronic wonders that need power in order to work correctly. Check to make sure your thermostat has power, it is on, and it is set on “heating”. All these things may seem like simple things to check … but wouldn’t a simple answer be wonderful right now?

Pilot Light

Furnaces, old and new, often have a pilot light. If that pilot light goes out, the safety feature on the furnace will not let you turn the furnace on until the issue has been resolved.


If your furnace is not receiving gas or propane correctly, it can keep your furnace from starting. See if the other appliances in your home using gas is operating correctly. Remember if you ever smell a gas leak, call for emergency service.

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