Why We’re Worth It

Dang! Why is this so much more expensive than that other company?!?!?!?!

If you priced a comfort system repair or replacement recently, you may have found pricing between companies to be all over the map. As much as I hate using the phrase, “You get what you pay for,” it really is the best way to aptly describe the differences.

At Baggett Heating & Cooling, we are never going to offer the cheapest price, but will always offer the best product and highest level service. And here is your answer why:

  • Alana – Simply put, you can’t get me anywhere else. I’m always in your corner. My business won’t succeed without satisfied customers. It’s in my best interest to train and groom my team every day to exceed your expectations with their level of professional workmanship and customer service. I am confident you won’t find another owner who cares more about the finished product than I do.
  • Potential recruits are thoroughly screened with multiple interviews, drug tests, and background, driving record and reference checks. We even talk with the spouse – It takes us longer to hire staff and requires time and money to diligently screen new team members, but the result is a better, more professional person in your home, and it’s worth every minute and dollar invested. A better hire by us means a better job done for you.
  • Our professional team adheres to the strictest standards and are non-smokers, randomly drug tested, well groomed, uniformed, high level communicators, experts in their field, participate in ongoing training (in house and out), well paid, respected among their coworkers and respectful to you and your home. – We take working in your home very seriously and want to send people you will like and trust. We won’t hire “just anyone,” and once we invest in the right people, we want to retain them and reward them for a well done job. You want to see the same trusted faces again and again, and this is how we can deliver them to your home.
  • Insurance – Insurance is an overhead expense paid by us that protects you and your property. If an uninsured contractor causes damage to your home and/or an uninsured employee is injured on your property, you could be held liable.
  • Attention to detail – The installation and service of an HVAC system is FULL of tiny details, many of which the “average” contractor overlooks. In fact, the installation step can make or break the performance and endurance of most systems. It takes more time, more materials and a higher quality technician to make sure installation and service are done correctly to insure your system performs as rated and for its expected lifespan.
  • We offer options – It’s your home and your choice. Higher skilled, better educated contractors understand that the minimum standard system may not be your preference. Higher efficiency systems are more expensive, and we aren’t afraid to offer them to you because we’re afraid you will think it costs too much money. We believe the job is about what you want and not what we perceive. Also, we are able to fully explain to you the benefits of the higher rated system and why you may want to invest in it. Again, it’s your choice.
  • Storefront – Storefronts aren’t a requirement, but we believe the separation of our home and our workplace is good for our customers. It shows our commitment to professionalism and that we are in business for the long term. It costs more money to operate out of a storefront, but it provides us the space to perform necessary work and professional training. It’s a permanent place where you can always find us – our doors are open and we have nothing to hide. It demonstrates we are a professional company, invested in the community and where high quality technicians want to be employed.
  • Professional Vehicle Fleet – The appearance and reliability of our fleet is as important as the appearance and reliability of our team members. If our vehicles are unreliable, so are we. As a customer, we understand you want to see clean, neat vehicles in good condition parked in front of your home. This is all part of trusting and feeling safe with the business coming to your home.
  • Full time office personnel – Someone is always in our office during regular hours to serve you (with VERY rare exceptions). Whether you need to schedule an appointment, ask about the repair history of your system, find out the length of your warranty, or ask a question about your system, someone is there to address your question or concern. They may not always know the answer, but they will find the information or the person who can provide the answer.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service – phones answered all day, every day – There is always someone to answer the phone and serve you.
  • Excellent BBB rating – We aren’t perfect, but we always work to resolve complaints the best that we can. Our BBB rating proves we are the kind of company that solves problems, not create them.
  • NATE certified technicians – Certification means your technician is committed to being recognized as the top in their field.
  • Professional business practices –A company operating with professional business practices is highly likely to be able to serve you in the long term, and in a manner with which you are consistently pleased.
  • Locally owned – As a local owner and resident, we may run into each other one day. Because of this, I am constantly concerned with your experience with my company. I don’t want to be afraid to see you in public and providing you with excellent experience guarantees that won’t happen. Your support of a local business provides local revenues and jobs for your neighbors.
  • Member of TVA Quality Contractor Network – QCN members are required to live up to a higher standard of performance than non- members. This isn’t the only measuring stick to grade a company, but it provides you with added assurance. We are proud to be part of the TVA QCN network.
  • Owner recognized as 2012 HVAC Woman of the Year – Baggett Heating & Cooling’s leadership has been recognized as committed to the industry and setting an example for other companies to follow.

I hope this helps to explain the price variances in the marketplace. These variances have always been present and most likely always will be. It’s much easier to be the low cost provider than it is the higher priced provider, and I hope we’ve shown how our prices allow us to provide the job you expect. I once heard another contractor remark, “We find it easier to apologize once for price, instead of multiple apologies for quality.” I agree with this statement wholeheartedly.

We understand that it’s our job to deliver the best service!