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Air ducts: the keys to comfort and efficiency

Air ducts are often discounted in their importance or ignored all together when contractors and consumers evaluate their HVAC systems. However, they are the key to producing the best performing system. Here are the three biggest problems with duct systems and how they affect you.

  • Wrong size ducts – Each size HVAC system needs a corresponding sized duct system. It needs this in order to deliver air to the correct places, in the correct amount, at the correct speed and at the correct pressure. If this doesn’t happen then the system can not deliver comfort at the lowest operating cost.
  • Restricted ducts. –Air ducts are typically in difficult to access areas and are therefore difficult to install. This creates an opportunity for ducts to be smashed, kinked or crushed in order to make installation easier. When restrictions occur the amount of air and the speed of the air decrease and the pressure of the system increases. This again causes discomfort and operating cost to go up.
  •  Leaky ducts. –Cracks left unsealed in a duct system also (you guessed it) lower comfort levels and efficiency. The leaks keep the air from being distributed properly and also bring unconditioned air into the conditioned ducts. In turn, the system works harder to overcompensate and raises operating costs. Duct leaks also depressurize the home and cause more outdoor air to infiltrate indoors; the more extreme the outdoor conditions, the worse the infiltration becomes.

Modifying and sealing duct systems is a top priority in making your home more efficient. Correcting these problems will increase comfort, lower utility bills and extend the life of your HVAC equipment. Through Baggett Heating & Cooling and TVA’s eScore program, you can have your ducts sealed and receive a $200 rebate for the work completed.