When Do I Turn On Emergency Heat?

Baggett Heating and Cooling says, “Just like the name implies, it’s for emergencies only!”

Woman feeling cold wearing a coat in front of a thermostat

Many people think that emergency heat is designed to be turned on by the homeowner during especially cold weather, but that’s not quite right. The emergency heat should only be turned on by the homeowner in emergency situations when something happens to the first stage heat source – your heat pump.

For example, if during an ice storm a tree is knocked down and damages your outdoor unit, you should switch on your emergency heat and call an HVAC professional.

If you continue to use the “emergency heat”, you will run up a massive energy bill. When you set your thermostat to emergency heat, your system bypasses the heat pump and directly accesses either the electric heat strip or gas/oil furnace heat. For electric systems, this turns your air handler into an electric furnace, which can be costly to run for extended periods of time.

The point is, the emergency heat setting is meant to temporarily keep your home warm while you get your heat pump repaired.

Hopefully, since winter has come early to the area, you’ve already had your furnace checked out for the colder temperatures. But, if not, call Baggett Heating and Cooling.

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