The Introduction

Hello everyone, Alana here, ready to start this blog!  Since this is the first entry, I’d like explain why I am here and what I hope this blog accomplishes.

As I meet people to discuss their home’s comfort and energy efficiency I find myself thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if they knew__________”.   A home’s heating and air conditioning and its roles in energy efficiency and comfort are things most home owners have never heard of, thought to consider or really don’t understand.  A blog seems like a great way for me to answer questions and help you understand what true HVAC professionals know and are considering when they discuss your system.  I understand that a woman’s perspective on this topic is unique and I hope it provides a platform for you to ask questions without feeling intimidated.  (Men and women alike!)

My goal is to teach you and help you understand what you really need to know about your home’s comfort system – whether it’s servicing one that is broken, maintaining one that is operating well, or even buying a new one. I hope you are able to then make an educated decision about which company to award any of these tasks and have a full understanding about what it is you are purchasing. And we will have some fun too!

I already have some topics in mind to share, but feel free to comment, leave questions on our Facebook page or email me directly with topics at