Help! My Brand New Air Conditioner Stopped Working

Did your brand new air conditioner suddenly stop working? Don’t panic! Baggett Heating and Cooling explains why it might not be as big as a problem as you would think 

There could be many reasons why your brand new air conditioner isn’t cooling. A quick check of your system will likely tell you the issue. 

Thermostat Settings

  • The first thing one of our Baggett techs will check is the thermostat, so review your thermostat setting to confirm it’s not just a simple incorrect setting.
  • Is it set in the correct mode (cooling or heating) that you would like?
  • Is the set temperature where you would like it?
  • Wrong settings will result in your unit not running as you would like, it is a quick fix as well as a common issue we see.


  • Check that all registers (outlets) are open, if they’re closed, the air cannot get into your home properly.
  • If your home only has one or two return air grilles (the most common case here in Clarksville) keep all interior doors open. All the air coming into the home from the supply ducts must be able to easily circulate back to the return ducts. If interior doors close, they impede that circulation and will affect comfort and efficiency.

Much like cars, HVAC systems are mechanical and have many moving parts. While it’s rare, even brand new ones can have a problem. Most of the time, the nature of the issue is something small, most commonly, a setting that simply needs to be fine-tuned. The good news behind these potential issues, if Baggett Heating and Cooling installed your brand new air conditioner, we have you covered. All newly installed systems come with a first-year Baggett warranty. If something is broken or needs an adjustment we have you covered.

To help prevent any malfunction or ensure your system works properly, on brand new or even older systems, Baggett recommends regular maintenance performed on your HVAC system. Regular maintenance is best for your equipment, and also it protects warranty coverage as well. Learn more about routine maintenance and join Baggett’s Preferred Customer Maintenance Club.

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