Best Tips for Maintaining the Central Heating System

Everyone knows they should regularly dust, vacuum and take out the garbage, but how often do you think about cleaning your central heating system? Probably not much at all. We all expect out central heating systems to work when we need them to, but if you don’t take care of your system, then you may be in for some cold winter days.

To keep your central heating system working in good condition, here are our best tips for maintaining it.

Test Your Furnace in the Fall

There’s nothing worse than turning on your heater on the first cold day of winter and discovering that cool air is being pushed out instead of warm air. Get ahead of any problems by turning on your furnace and testing it before the weather really turns cold. If there’s a problem, get it fixed right away.

Monitor Furnace Filters

All homeowners should be changing their furnace filters at least once a year, but every home is different. Bigger homes may push out more dirt, and smaller homes may not need to have filters changed every year. Check your filter every few months or so, just to make sure it’s not too dirty.

Check in with Your Pilot Light

When you look inside your natural gas furnace, do you see blue or orange/yellow flames? If you see mostly blue flames, then your pilot light is in good condition. If you see more orange/yellow flames, then there may be a problem with the pilot light. Check your furnace occasionally to find problems before they become too big.

Hire a Professional to Check and Clean

To have complete peace of mind, hire a professional to check out your central heating system and clean it. Your expert will be able to spot major red flags and help you fix them before they get out of hand. Regular cleanings will also ensure that your heating system lasts as long as possible.

Maintaining your central heating system will help extend its lifetime. For more information, contact Baggett Heating and Cooling at [phone] today.