You may be ready for a typical Clarksville summer, but is your A/C unit?

Informing yourself of 5 common A/C issues that can pop up during the warmer months can help you identify potential issues before they become major problems.

AC Unit Ready for Summer Clarksville TNSummer will soon be here, so it’s important to make sure your A/C is in tip-top shape going into the season. The folks at Baggett Heating & Cooling also want to make sure that our clients are aware of some of the more routine problems that can possibly arise as our A/C units work to keep our homes cool in the summer heat. By being aware of these commonplace signs – you can pinpoint the indication a future issue and call your qualified Baggett technician right away to properly diagnose and repair your unit before the problem becomes worse and your A/C stops working!

Generally speaking, the longer a potential problem goes untreated, the more costly the repair – so a homeowner can greatly benefit (and save themselves $$) by brushing up on their A/C knowledge! As the temperatures continue to climb, if you notice any of these 5 signs (some are more subtle than others), it’s time to call Baggett!

  1. The air coming out of your registers isn’t cold.
    If you put your hand up to one of the air vents in your home and notice the air blowing out of it isn’t as cold as it should be – a warning bell should be going off in your head. This could be a sign that your unit needs more refrigerant, or that your unit’s compressor may be failing. Even during the dog days of summer, a properly maintained unit should be able to keep up and keep a home cool and comfortable, so if this is not the case – you need to call your Baggett professional.
  2.  Weak or uneven air flow.
    Does the air coming out of your vents seem weaker than normal? If so, this could be another sign that your unit’s compressor is failing. However, if you notice that certain rooms in your home seem warmer than others, this could be a sign that there may be dirt or debris causing a slight blockage in your ductwork, preventing the cold air from freely traveling to that particular room or rooms, or a duct could be damaged or disconnected.
    Getting your ductwork professionally cleaned by Baggett Heating & Cooling can prevent these blockages and minimize health risks, helping you and your family breathe easier.
  3.  Moisture leakage.
    If you go outside and look at your unit, you may see dripping coming out of your unit’s drain tube – this is normal! The dripping is the condensation from your unit and is nothing to worry about. However, if you see liquid pooling next to your unit –  or in the drain pan of the indoor unit – this may be an issue:
    1. It can be a sign that your drainage system is cracked or blocked and may need to be replaced before mold and rust forms on your unit.
    2. The second issue is, unfortunately, more serious. Your unit could be leaking refrigerant, which is a very serious problem and you should call Baggett right away. Exposure to refrigerant can be dangerous, so if you see moisture or oily residue around your unit and you aren’t sure why, call your Baggett technician right away to come out and properly diagnose the issue.
  4. Unusual noises.
    If you notice any strange sounds coming out of your unit aside from its normal noises, it may be a sign of a problem. For example, a grinding noise can mean your a/c unit motor’s bearings are broken. A squealing sound may be caused by a belt slipping out of place, or that part of your unit needs more lubrication. Some older systems still need this. Any unusual squealing, grinding or grating should not be ignored and you should call a trained technician right away.
  5. Foul odors.
    When you first turn on your heat or your A/C for the season, you may experience a slight smell for the first few minutes – this is normal, as your unit is “shaking off the cobwebs’ so to speak.  However – if you notice a strong burning or other pungent smell, this could be a sign that your unit’s wire insulation has burned out. If you notice a moldy smell – you could have excess moisture in your ductwork, causing mold spores to grow, which can be a health risk.

If you have already noticed any of these 5 signs, or just want to make sure your A/C is ready for warmer weather, give Baggett Heating and Cooling a call for a checkup or a diagnostic. We service all of Clarksville, Tennessee, and the surrounding Montgomery County area.

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