Baggett Announces Veterans Day Giveaway Winner

Baggett Heating and Cooling is proud to announce a winner to receive a new replacement HVAC unit from the 2020 Veterans Day giveaway!

Where it all began . . . 

When asked how this giveaway started, owner Alana Ward said, “I looked around one day and realized that most of my staff are military veterans. We also have many customers who are veterans, so I wanted to do something special in recognizing their service. What began as a luncheon for only our team grew into the Veterans Day giveaway.”

The next step was deciding how to come up with nominations for the giveaway. They decided to open up the nominations to the public.

During September, the Clarksville-Montgomery County community had the opportunity to nominate local veterans. Many nominations were made, and reasons were given as to why the nominee was deserving of a free HVAC unit. A committee was selected, consisting of Baggett employees, community, and military members who worked together to choose the finalists. Alana then took the time to personally call or visit each finalist as Baggett employees inspected their current units. She went on to say, “the decision was difficult to make as a committee member reminded us that all service is deserving service.”


Drum roll, please . . .

Baggett Heating and Cooling is proud to announce that the winner of a brand new HVAC unit is Joseph Fair. Mr. Fair retired from the Army after serving for 20 years. He resides in Clarksville-Montgomery County with his son.

“This entire process has been so rewarding to our entire team. I am lucky to be surrounded by the veterans on my team as well as veterans in our service area and this was a fun and uplifting project to work on. I can’t wait to see how this new system benefits our recipient.” After the success of this venture, Alana plans to make this a yearly event going forward as a way to continue to honor our veterans. 

Baggett Heating & Cooling has been serving the Clarksville-Montgomery County area for over 45 years.
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