Troubleshooting Tips for your Clarksville Heating System

You can finally see the end of winter approaching, and your home heating is starting to fail.

Depending on the age and condition of your system, there may be an easy solution. Here’s a few tips you can try before calling Baggett Heating & Cooling in Clarksville to schedule an appointment.

What should I check before calling for repairs?

Electricity – Yes, even the simplest, most obvious things should be checked. Make sure your heating system is plugged in. Just like losing a sock in the dryer, your system can get unplugged for some “unknown” reason.

Circuit Panel – You know where your circuit panel is, right? If you don’t, now is a good time to locate it. Make sure you didn’t blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker.

Thermostat – This is another likely culprit that you can test. With today’s modern thermostats, settings affect the day to day operation of your heating system. Check the battery, check the on/off switch, experiment with the settings, check the connections … all these things and more can affect the information the thermostat is sending to your heating system.

Filter – When did you change your filter last? Quite often filters are forgotten and they play a much more important role than many homeowners realize. A clogged filter can make your furnace work much harder than it was intended, to produce minimal results and perhaps overheat.

Ducts – Is your heating system working, but one or two rooms are cold? Check the heating registers and then examine the ductwork leading to those rooms. Over time, gaps can occur, allowing heat to escape and not reach its intended destinations.

Still have heating problems?

Peace of mind dictates that you have the problem identified. Then you can decide your next course of action. The repair or replacement of a home heating system is a major decision for homeowners. With more than 30 years of experience, we can help you decide.

Contact Baggett Heating & Cooling in Clarksville, TN to schedule an appointment. Don’t forget to check out our money saving coupons!