Servicing Home Heating and A/C Equipment in the Winter

When it comes to protecting your HVAC system during winter, it’s important to keep in mind that regular maintenance is crucial.

Before the wintry chill and inclement weather sets in, it’s important to have your system checked out by an HVAC pro! Why? Because keeping your HVAC system well-maintained will prolong its longevity, save you time & money, and provide optimal comfort – when you need it most. In addition, a well-cared-for HVAC system will help reduce your energy bills, extend its overall performance. All great news when wintry weather hits!

During the winter, your heating and A/C equipment tends to work overtime. Make sure to keep up with your system’s maintenance, to keep it running smoothly! After all, you don’t want to have to deal with a malfunctioning HVAC system in cold weather.

So, what are the key components of servicing your HVAC system during the winter? We’re glad you asked!

Servicing Your HVAC System During Winter: The Basics

  • Ensure that your vents & ducts are clean.
  • Keep up with your professional maintenance schedule. (There’s no substitute for HVAC maintenance done by the pros!)
  • Monitor your doors and windows for potential leaks.
  • Make sure that your thermostat is functioning properly.
  • Clean your air filters – keep in mind that these do need to be replaced regularly!!
  • If you haven’t already, set up an annual professional maintenance schedule.

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