Get Paid to Save Money

If you’ve looking to save money on your energy bills and make your home more comfortable too, here are the places to start:

  • Air sealing and attic insulation
  • Updating your lighting
  • Updating your heating and air conditioning equipment and ducts
  • Updating your appliances
  • Updating your windows and doors

If you want to make your home the best it can be, you can by earning the highest “eScore”. What’s eScore? It’s a partnership between TVA and CDE or CEMC that provides homeowners with a simple way to make existing homes as efficient as possible. AND they help pay for it too!

It works like this:

  1. Register at
  2. Select a contractor from the Quality Contractor Network (hint: we are one)
  3. Start making your upgrades
  4. Schedule an evaluation

At the evaluation an advisor will officially score your home and explain how to get to a ‘10’ (earning cash along the way). A ‘10’ means your home is energy efficient, saving money, more comfortable and the best it can be. Who wouldn’t want to live in a house like that? The only left to ask is, “What’s your eScore?”

Cash rebates available as follows:

blog chart

*6% financing for up to 10 year period is available with approved credit. (Example – $7,000 purchase has $77.71/month)