Tips To Help Your Air Conditioner Keep Things Cool This Summer

We all could use a little help now and then … your air conditioning system is no different! It works tirelessly to keep your home cool in the summer. Let’s discuss a few ways to help keep your Clarksville energy bills down and your air conditioner a little happier!

Keep your blinds closed.
Sounds simple, doesn’t it? When the summer sun tries to peek through your windows and share its hot rays with your home, keeping the blinds closed can help shield your home from the unwanted heat.

Ceiling Fans should be Counter-Clockwise
Check to make sure you have changed your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise at a higher speed. Creating airflow will make you feel cooler from the breeze.

Bathroom/Kitchen Fans
Make sure you are using that bathroom fan after your shower and your kitchen exhaust fan when you are cooking. They’ll help to drag that heated air away from your home.

Change Your Lighting
Incandescent bulbs waste as much as 90% of their energy in heat. Now is a good time to switch to CFL, compact fluorescent lamps. Every little bit can help when trying to reduce cooling energy costs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance
It’s never too late to perform Air Conditioning Maintenance. If your cooling system isn’t working as well as you remember, give us a call.

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