Why is changing your furnace filter so important?

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to maintain the health of your HVAC system is to simply change the air filter on a regular basis. Perhaps a brief explanation of what your furnace air filter accomplishes will stress the importance of changing it often.

Your furnace pulls in fresh air from the return ducts, it passes through the air filter, gets heated up, and then blows out through the ductwork that has forged a trail in our home. The air filter attempts to remove as many contaminants as possible before it reaches the heating stage and is then blown back into our rooms.

If the furnace filter is very seldom changed, it will become clogged and the air will not move through the system efficiently. That will make the system work harder, because of the increased difficulty to pull the air through.

The air filter is removing contaminants, and when clogged, makes your system work harder, and your wallet work harder because your utility bills will be impacted. Air filters are a relatively cheap investment, and vary in cost depending on their rating.

MERV – Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value

Filters are rated between 1 and 16. The higher the rating, the more particles that the filter strives to catch. You might think that 16 is the way to go, but often that minimizes the air flow to the point where your furnace must work harder to have the air flow properly.

The average recommendation is to use a filter between 8 and 11. But we also always suggest you check your owner’s manual for your unit to see their suggested filter rating.

If you are concerned about allergens, it may be more cost efficient to have a whole house air purifier installed. These units connect to your furnace and purify the air in a variety of ways. There is an initial up-front cost, but allergens and even virus are removed from the air in your home.

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